Delivery of supportive care during an Ebola outbreak: defining minimal requirements and identifying barriers and facilitators towards creating international guidelines

IRSC – 2015-2019

Chercheurs principaux :
Christine Loignon, François Lamontagne

It is possible to save many patients who have Ebola virus disease by delivering care that is not specific to this illness. These generic interventions, called “supportive care”, are used daily around the world to treat multiple life-threatening illnesses. Yet many patients in West Africa died without receiving basic supportive care such as sufficient intravenous fluids. With this project, we will interview representatives of groups and organizations responsible for the delivery of healthcare during the West African Ebola outbreak and define, by consensus, minimal requirements for supportive care in this setting. We will also identify barriers and facilitators in order to create international guidelines about strategies to enable the delivery of adequate supportive care.

Co-chercheurs :
Adhikari, Neill; Bah, Elhadj Ibrahima; Chan, Adrienne K; Clément,
Christophe; Couturier, François; Fowler, Rob; Guyatt, Gordon; Hudon, Catherine; Lamah, Marie-Claire; Mishra, Sharmistha; Murthy, Srinivas

Chercheur principal