Emilie Jobin
Étudiante au doctorat

Projet :

Understanding the Relationship Between Substance Use and Video Gaming : A Scoping Review

Résumé du projet :

Video gaming has grown exponentially in the past decade, which has increased concerns among experts in the field about the potential psychosocial consequences related to video games. Problem video gamers share several similarities with problem substance users, which has led to an interest in the possible relationship between video gaming and substance use, yet findings so far appear mixed. Thus, the aim of this present scoping review is to document the relationship between VG and the use of psychoactive substances in order to better understand this relationship and make recommendations for future research in this area. A scoping review was conducted focused on studies between 2011 and 2020, excluding studies looking at Asian populations and studies on children under 11 years old. Sixteen articles were included in the scoping review. Results demonstrate that existing literature is heterogeneous in its methods, measures and findings, and, as such, there is not enough evidence at this time to draw any clear conclusions about whether a relationship exists between substance use and VG.There is still much that remains to be explored concerning a potential relationship between substance use and VG. An inability to draw clear conclusions is, in part, due to a lack of consistency in the way both VG and substance use have been operationalized, and the homogeneity of the samples under study, which have created additional challenges that the field will need to address moving forward.

Responsables :

Christine Loignon, Eva Monson et Adèle Morvannou