Camila Corrêa Matias Pereira

Public health policies targeting substance abuse, depression, and suicidal behaviour in first generation Latin American immigrants living in Quebec.

The process of immigration in some individuals is however associated with mental health problems such as substance abuse, depression, and suicides. Thus, the general aim of this research, is to i) explore how substance abuse, depression, and suicidal behaviour, interact with each other in the Latin-American immigrant first generation population living in Quebec, and ii) to assess how changes in the mental health policy in Quebec between 2012 and 2022 were associated with variation in these three outcomes. Methods: This is a quantitative study divided in two different phases. First, an online cross-sectional survey will investigate mechanisms associated with substance abuse, depression, and suicidal behaviour. Second, a multi-level cross-sectional study using two waves of the Mental Health and Access to Care Survey (MHACS) will identify prevalence changes in these three outcomes over time with attention to mental health policy changes. Conclusions from the first phase will shed light on interpreting results from analyses carried out at the second phase.